No Greater Love

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Oct. 19, 14

04:00 PM

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02:52 PM

Great life

Had an awesome day that started off with some lounging and fucking. We finally got out of bed (miracle) to catch a late hike at Runyon canyon in Hollywood. Finished the night of with burining one and going to eat Ramen at my spot Daikokuya. Now I lay in her bed smoking wax and fuckin shit up as Lil Mac as I wait to go to work. Big smile here

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02:45 PM


when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on 

That look LMFAO

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01:54 PM

We caught a late hike in the Hollywood hills at Runyon Canyon. She did better than most

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12:08 PM

Setting differences aside

Setting differences aside

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Oct. 17, 14

11:31 AM

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Oct. 16, 14

07:04 PM

The queen

The queen

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12:40 AM

Kick heard round the world

Kick heard round the world

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Oct. 15, 14

09:10 AM



I can’t fucking breathe. 


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12:13 AM

So much to read, watch, and play but SO LITTLE TIME

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